Studio Scope designs websites using the WordPress CMS system. With WordPress clients are able to manage and update their website itself, if they choose to do so. All our website are ‘responsive design’ which enables them to function on every device, such as desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone, by ajusting the design to screensize.


Our webdesign services:

Your new website from scratch

You dont’ have a website yet? Studio Scope can take care of the whole process, from claiming your domain to finding your new site in Google. Issues such as designing your site, if not including logo design, technical realisation, adding your first content, going live with your new site as well as hosting your site are solved by us.

Upgrade you current site

You do have a website but it’s out of date and not working on every device? Then it’s time for an upgrade! We can design a whole new concept or ugrade your current lay-out to WordPress standards.

Managing your own site (or let us do it for you)

With the WordPress CMS you as owner can login to your website and manage your content, upload images and ad news. We will provide you with a short manual of how to dot his when your website is completed. If you dont’s want to manage your sit yourself, we can also do this for you (see below).

Managing contract

We can manage your website on a monthly basis. With our managing contract you pay a yearly fee. Then you can sent content and images on a monthly basis for us to publish. The contrat is mainly for managing content, but also can be used for small design or technical issues. Larger issues of big chanches to your site will be hourly rated.

Hosting and domainname

If you do not have a hosting contract yet or want to change providers, we can host your site on our server or arrange for a hosting contract for you. Also we can claim your domain for you. Next to your website, all email traffic is handled and emailadresses are hosted on your server. Let us advise you which hosting is best for you.

Contact us for ordering or more information:

Email: studio@scopewebdesign.com
Phone: (+31)(0)20-2215381