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Studio Scope has illustration talent in the house. We like to take advantage of this talent whenever this fits the clients needs. Illustration can be part of a concept or can be a seperate assignment on its own. Our style is a loose catoonesk style. We did illustration for printing perposes for companies such as SITA recycling (now: SUEZ), Wageningen UR and the Start-up manual. But most of our illustrations end up being online, to go with an article or social media post.


Our Ilustration services:

Illustration and website

Illustration can be past of a webdesign concept or part of any content. If you are thinking of adding an image to your texts, why not use an illustration in stead of a photo!

Image processing

Ajusting images
Often images we get from clients for publishing on their website are not the right file size or format. We can resize and alter any image for the perfect fit on your site or social media. But there is more…

We not only ajust images, we also create images. We make photo collages and create ads. Check our portfolio for examples.

Contact us for ordering or more information:

Phone: (+31)(0)20-2215381